Traditional Leather Wax - Home Made 100% Natural Leather Conditioner with Natural Beeswax

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Traditional handmade leather wax. 100% natural.

Made using just natural beeswax, Neatsfoot oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. This stuff is just the thing for looking after your leather products - I use it on my natural veg tan belts and wallets and belts a lot. (I also make a softer balm using coconut oil - see my other listing.)

Regular application will help to prolong the life of the leather by helping to keep it nice and supple. This will nourish, condition and protect your leather whilst providing a mellow gloss after polishing.

How to use:

Ensure your leather is clean prior to application - I use a damp cloth and some saddle soap.

Apply evenly with a finger or with a lint free cloth in a circular motion, allow to dry and buff with a clean cloth or brush.

Available in: 15ml, 30ml or 60ml tins.


This product may darken your leather, please test on a small area first.
Not suitable for suede.
Store upright in a cool place, do not leave in direct sun light.