MP43 Swiss Army Leather Gunsmith's Bag / Satchel / Cross Body Bag

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MP42 Swiss Army Gunsmith's bag. This is my reproduction of this famous bag. Handmade using vegetable tanned leather.

I've made two prototype versions:

1) Dark tan Buffalo hide with solid brass nickel coated hardware and thick black cowhide strapping.

2) Dark brown cowhide, solid brass hardware and thick black cowhide strapping.

Each bag has two internal pockets and two external pockets.

Both bag leathers are approx 2 to 2.5mm thick. Straps are approx 3.5mm thick. Hand riveted and saddle-stitched. These sturdy bags will last you a lifetime.

Both bags are one of one. As they are prototypes they are priced accordingly.

A bit of history:
Swiss Army gunsmith tool bags were used for the repair and maintenance of the MP43 submachine gun. The MP43 was a blowback-operated submachine gun that was adopted from the Finnish Suomi KP/-31.

Most historic Swiss Army bags were handmade by master saddlers and their classic styling and build quality have stood the test of time. I have examples in my collection from the 1930's that are still going strong. Yours will too.

The perfect size for every-day carry.

Approximate Bag Dimensions
Width: 11.5" x Depth: 3.5" x Height: 8"

Handmade by Mark Larner of New Utility Leather in November / December 2023.