Handmade Veg Tan Bridle Leather Belt - Tan

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Hand made 4mm thick veg tan bridle leather belt.

Made to order. 1.5 inches wide

Solid brass West End Buckle and keeper. Matching brass double cap rivets.

This belt is made from top quality 4mm thick veg tanned tan bridle leather from Sedgwicks.

This classically simple belt is hand cut before having the edges hand bevelled and burnished and sealed with saddle soap and bees wax to give it a nice clean finish. This leather is just lovely and looks fantastic paired with its solid brass hardware.

These things will last you a lifetime and develop a wonderful patina with wear. As the leather darkens and moulds itself you your waist you'll have a beautiful belt that is unique to you.

All belts are 100% made by hand, by me, from start to finish. No machine work here - these belts are made the old fashioned way with traditional hand tools.

Sizing Guide (PLEASE READ!!!)

The size of the belt is measured from the middle hole to where the leather folds over the buckle, with a total of 5 holes each an inch apart. Please read the following instructions and double confirm your belt size. We will not be responsible for any measurement mistakes.

The most accurate way in determining the belt size is to measure the size of your current belt. Measure the distance from where the leather folds over the buckle all the way down to the most often used belt hole. If the distance measures 36 inches, you should order a 36-inch belt.


Measure your waist (where your trousers would sit) with a tape measure. You should choose a belt about 2 inches larger than your exact measurements. For example, if your measurement was 34 inches, you should consider buying a 36-inch belt.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Turn around time is usually 2 weeks, but if it's urgent, say for a gift, do let me know and I'll do everything I can to help.